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Our Story

Chocolatier Phyllis Robinson is passionate about chocolate. As a child, Phyllis grew up cleaning, decorating and molding (and taste-testing) chocolate under the watchful eye of her mother, Catherine “Cass” McDonough, who started a small confection business in their Baltimore home. Unbeknownst to Phyllis at that time, she was also learning lessons of resourcefulness, resilience, passion, and creativity during those shared moments. Lessons that would one day re-emerge and become what is today Tandem Chocolates.
After a few decades in public service advocating for affordable housing, Phyllis was ready to embark on the next chapter in her life. Cass had passed away a few years earlier, and after casting about for a way to truly honor her, the idea of enrolling in Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, Canada seemed a perfect fit. The program also provided Phyllis the opportunity to train with some of the top chocolatiers in Europe. It was during a program in Italy that the idea for Tandem Chocolates was born. And in 2016, Phyllis took a leap and opened Tandem Chocolates, bringing to life her personal mission to Eat Well and Do Good.  
Today, Tandem Chocolates are known for eye-catching design, and modern takes on classic flavors. Tandem Chocolates also tell a story. Of cacoa famers in Ecuador, women entrepreneurs, and artisans. A story of sustainable, ethical, and traceable chocolate and ingredients. A story of local communities and local flavors.  Wonder. Love. Bliss. 
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